Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobagon?

Jobagon is a comprehensive recruiter that helps you plan your job search, from finding and building your job list, to planning how to present your candidacy.

Unlike traditional recruiters who exclusively refer you to the handful of companies they work with, we take a comprehensive approach to your job search. We will bring job opportunities to you that we think you might like, regardless of whether we work with the company or not.

Who's behind Jobagon?

Jobagon is founded by Jeff Pickhardt. In his career, Jeff has been a Y Combinator startup founder, both a software engineer and sales engineer at Google, and worked in engineering at early stage startups. He understands the uncomfortableness of searching for a job and the disappointment of working with traditional recruiters, and started Jobagon to do better for candidates.

What roles does Jobagon specialize in?

Jobagon specializes in tech roles, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we take on candidates from other areas as well.

Does it cost money?

The service is completely free for candidates. Some companies may pay Jobagon a recruiting fee, however part of Jobagon's appeal is that we will help you apply to all companies, not just those we work with.

What's this job list tool?

In order to get a comprehensive look at your entire job search and see what sort of jobs you are excited about, we ask candidates to either share a job spreadsheet (e.g. on Google Docs) or use our custom tool. Once you sign in, you'll be taken to your list page, where you can build a list of jobs you are considering. Over time, we intend to add more to this tool to improve the Jobagon process.